Traveling and Hoisting Equipment

From Crown to Ground we have the ability to Manufacture Crowns, Deadline Anchors and Dollies of our own design or any other design concept.

Retract dolly - wbg.jpg

Top Drive Dollies

We have both Static and Retractable Top Drive Dolly designs in house. We also work with the Owners to convert their rigs to alternative OEM Top Drives. We offer customers the ability to modify their existing setup or supply entirely new dolly packages.

Deadline Anchor-1-wbg.jpg

Rotating Deadline Anchors

Our Rotating Deadline Anchors range from 80-210 kips covering the lightest offshore structures to the largest Floaters Hookload requirements.

Deadline Anchor (Open Face-1) - wbg.jpg

Open Faced Deadline Anchors

Our Open Faced Deadline Anchors over the weight saving and ease of use for Safe and Speedy Slip and Cut Operations.

Inquire about our other custom products:

  • Crown Clusters and Sheave Assemblies

  • Gin Poles

  • Top Drive Dollies

    • Retractable

    • Fixed

  • Guide Track Systems

  • Top Drive Parking Systems