Pipe Handling Equipment

Our Pipe Handling Equipment is in Operation on rigs around the world TODAY…ON DAYRATE.

Our Customers demand robust, capable and cost effective equipment that reduces downtime and we promise to deliver on those expectations.

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Our Bridgeracker is one of the most capable Bridgerackers in the market, utilized in alternative OEM packages and offering Owners the ability to Manually Rack or Fully Automated handle their Racking Operations.

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mwr-Wellrite Pipe Stabbing arm

The MWR is used for stabbing operations without the need for hands on handling at Well Center.

Automated RB - WBG.jpg

marb-Automated and Non-Automated Fingerboards

We offer both Manual and Fully Automated Rackingboards for both Offshore and Onshore applications. We also work with Owners to increase their Racking and Setback capacities on their rigs.

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LW Casing Stabbing Board

Hydraulic Cathead

Other Custom Products

  • Heavy Duty & Light Weight Casing Stabbing Boards

  • J-Fingers / Hooks

  • Racking / Finger Boards

    • Automated   

    • Manual

  • Racking Assist Arm

  • WellRite Stabbing Arm