From One-Offs to High Capacity Manufacturing

Loadmaster has the ability to support large scale project fabrication needs with the ability for high output of beam and pipe through our CNC Processing Equipment. We build to customer supplied designs and drawings as well as our own engineered drawings.

Fabrication CapabilIties

Coker Derrick

Production Seperators

5K and 10K Sand Seperators

Catwalks / Walkways / Ladders

Pipe Racks

High Pressure Mud Piping Upgrades

DROPS Approved Safety Swing Gates

Derrickman’s Assist

Wind Walls

Tong Buckets

Fast line Stabilizers

Runway Beams

Belly Boards

Derrick Escape Systems

Top Drive Dollies

V-Door Rollers

Cooling Towers

Catalytic Reactors

Cable Trays

Hose Guards

Vent Lines

Pad Eyes Fabrication and Testing

Jib cranes

Service Loop Supports

VFD Houses

Piping Skids and Modules

Large Bore Pipe Supports and Clamps

Subsea Platform Pipe Clamps


Deadline Anchors

Traveling Blocks

Wireline Platforms and General Platforms

Project Gallery

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