Our Home Base and Original Establishment is one of the reasons we are successful in supporting our customers across all markets.


The facility comprises nearly 135,000 square feet of under roof manufacturing, assembly, construction and office area

  • 17.4 Acres of Assembly Yard

  • 66,400 sq.ft. Primary Manufacturing

  • 42,000 Sq.Ft. Primary Mechanical and Test Assembly Facility

  • 8,400 Sq.Ft. Maintenance and Repair Facility


Facility Certifications

•  ASME U,R,S- BPV Code, Section VIII, Division 1: Design and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels

•  GMAW, SMAW, GTAW, SAW, FCAW & Clad with 70+ Class Approved Welding Procedures

•  Louisiana Professional Engineering License

•  ISO 9001- Quality Management

•  API Spec Q1- Quality Management

•  API 4F- Specification for Drilling and Well Servicing Structures

•  API 8C- Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment 



16 overhead cranes, with capability for 55 ft. hook height

Cranes Range from 10 to 40 tons, capable of traveling the full length of the Manufacturing and Assembly areas

Assembly shop is 70 wide by 200 feet long with 30 ft. hook heights

Custom built 90 feet clear height Equipment Test Structure

Primary building is 620 feet long and 70 feet high with 32 ft., 52 ft. and 67 ft. hook heights

Assembly building is 70 feet wide by 400 feet long with 30 ft. hook heights

Secondary Equipment Assembly shop is 70 wide by 200 feet long with 30 ft. hook heights


Fabrication Equipment Overview

  • CNC Machines – Beam and Angle Processing Lines, Drill Line, Hydraulic Plate Processor, Plasma Pattern Cutter

  • Manual Hydraulic Punches

  • Beam Rotator Machines

  • Pipe Rollout Machines

  • Air Compressors

  • Welding Machines

  • Sub Arc Welders

  • Various Pipe Rollers

  • 10 Ton Manipulator Table

  • Miscellaneous Jib Cranes, Man Lifts, and Cherry Pickers